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May 17, 2020

Dear Comet Community,

Last week the district shared information about Report Cards, Summer School and 6th Grade Math Placement.  If you didn’t get a chance to review those documents they are linked here:  Report card letter , Summer School Information, 6th Grade Math Placement information.

Please join us for our last Comet Ed Fund Parent Meeting on 5/20 at 7:00pm.  Please see the information in this newsletter about how to register to join the meeting.   We hope you will join us to learn about the plans for our school enrichment programs next year and what programs the board needed to cut due to declining enrollment and the direction from the district to be conservative considering the financial implications due to Covid 19.  

Information about picking up student belongings and dropping off school library books and instruments will be coming later this week.  We are hoping it will be the week of 5/26.  Thanks for your patience. 

Yearbooks are delayed for all schools in our district.   Emails are being sent by our school office regarding requesting refunds for missed field trips.  Please email if you have any questions.

If we were in school, in our traditional manner, we would be wrapping up projects, attending concerts and performances, honoring our volunteers, preparing for field day, class parties and 5th grade promotion.  One thing we can’t cancel is our community!  It is more important than ever to show our support for our students, our teachers, our families and our school!  I encourage all of our Creekside Comets to embrace the next two weeks with vigor.  Get excited for those last projects, attend those last Google Meets and Office Hours, challenge yourself to complete and submit all of the assigned school work in SeeSaw or Google Classrooms.  We got this Comets!  Two weeks to go, then Summer Break!!!


Mrs. Tumilty

April 19, 2020

Dear Comet Community,

Thank you to all of the PTA members who joined us last week for our Board Elections!  Please read the PTA section below to learn about our new Board members! We are very grateful to all of our parent volunteers who have served this year and to the newly elected members who will help our community with amazing events next year!

A few months back, I shared the following survey with our Comet families. I don’t think the link was live and I apologize.  I am trying it again and hope you will submit your feedback by May 1st. Our teachers will be articulating next year's classes in May and it will be helpful to have feedback from families.  Here is the link for the 2020-21 Learning Environment Optional Survey-

Teacher Appreciation Week will be held virtually May 4th through May 8th.  Thank you to our PTA Room Parent Coordinators Ritu Arora and Marie Antiniw, who have worked so hard to come up with wonderful ways for our students and our community to honor our teachers from a safe distance!  Please read the PTA section of this newsletter for more information and be on the lookout for emails coming from your Room Parents.

As you might have noticed, I am sending “Daily messages” to replace our school morning announcements.  When you receive an email saying “Daily message” and the date, you know it doesn’t have pertinent information.  Thank you to Mrs. Worth for adding a Read Aloud video for us to enjoy!

I will host a Virtual Parent Coffee on May 1st at 10:00am -please add your questions to this document  You can join the meeting using this or Join by Phone +1 620-399-6028‬ PIN: ‪933 974 385‬#

Please join me on Wednesday, April 22nd to honor Ann Shade and Kathy Ramsey on Administrative Assistant Day! These two women are the heart and soul of Creekside.  They welcome families with a huge smile and a comforting hello!  We miss them during our Shelter-in-Place and hope we get to see them back in the office soon!

April 22nd is also Earth Day!  What are some ways we can celebrate Earth Day virtually?  Please share your ideas on this shared document and it will be posted on our school website.  Remember your digital citizenship-Please don’t post photos of your face or use any personal information-first names are fine!

Thank you for your continued support during our school closure and for persevering with Remote Learning during Phase Two.  Our teachers shared some successes with virtual learning.   Here are a few to name: Mrs. Auby was happy to share some of her Fourth graders started an online newspaper.  You can read the first edition here.  Fifth graders were able to start their much anticipated Reading unit on Fantasy Book Clubs.  TK students enjoyed Dinosaur week and Third Graders launched into Charlotte’s Web, one of my favorites!  Second graders were busy with their graphing lessons and First graders focused on learning how the long o rules don’t always work for all words in the Phonics lessons.  We look forward to seeing what learning takes place next week. Look for an email from your child's teacher on Monday morning with the weekly lesson plan and remember your children have an entire week to complete so families can tackle school work at a time that works best for you (evenings, weekends, etc.)  Teachers love seeing their students faces during the Google Meets! It is a great way for the students and teachers to feel connected during this unusual time!

Thanks for your patience and flexibility!


Mrs. Tumilty


April 3, 2020

Dear Comet Community,

Following the most recent communication from our district, I wanted to share with you how we miss you all immensely.  My plan this Sunday was to say, “Have a great Spring Break! Come back to school well rested!” Well, now the message is a bit different as we won’t be seeing you for a while!

As we wrap up Phase One of Remote Learning, I want to take a moment to check in with all of you. This past month has been unprecedented for all of us. We are all grappling with the unknown. What you should not be worried about is your child’s education. That will come. What your child needs right now is your reassurance that everything is going to be okay. 

We need to work together, even while adjusting to the demands and limitations Covid-19 has imposed on us. As you know, the past few weeks were optional. We know you all did what worked for your family! Right now, keeping your children busy with activities like playing games, completing chores, going for walks, and spending time with you are far more important than any math equation or essay. 

Please know that our teachers and staff miss your children!  But, do know, that while they are separated from your children, our teachers are growing in ways they never could have imagined. The shelter-in-place has provided opportunities for our teachers to learn new ways to teach. They are learning Google Classroom amongst a sea of other digital platforms and tools to teach from a distance. They have become knowledgeable about IT support: figuring out logins, passwords, and searching out digital resources to share with your children. They are doing all of this while taking care of their own families, too. I am so incredibly proud of the work and dedication of these educators for turning prior training and years of experience into a brand new type of teaching and learning!  BRAVO!

All of our teachers are professionals, trained to teach young children across all subject areas. Our teachers connect with students in their own special ways. During Remote Learning, you will see teachers connecting with their students in a variety of ways- Office Hours, emails, Google Meets, Flip Grid, phone calls, Google Hangouts. All of these platforms are there to support students. And no one method of connection is recommended over others. Connection is connection. What is important, is that our Creekside Comets know that their teachers are there for them. 

As we start our Spring Break this weekend, we hope you are taking care of your family in the way that works for you all, and look forward to seeing the creativity, and curiosity from your children as their teachers plan for Phase Two with new learning. Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me. I am here to help you and your family in any way that I can. As I say to my staff (almost on a daily basis), “Thank you for your flexibility and patience! We are all in this together!”

Take care,

Mrs. Tumilty

April 3, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians of the SRVUSD,   

As we enter into Spring Break, we want to update you on the next phase of our Remote Learning Continuity Plan.  Upon our return, the focus of student learning will change from review and reinforcement of previously taught material to the teaching of new material that aligns with  the essential standards and will allow students to move to the next grade level. In this new remote learning environment, students are best served when teachers are able to exercise their expertise to choose the online learning platform and schedule that best aligns with their students’ needs. Therefore, you will see flexibility from classroom to classroom in the SRVUSD.

In an effort to consolidate resources and streamline efforts to locate remote learning information, we are looking forward to releasing Remote Learning Continuity Plan webpages on the SRVUSD website that will support teachers and families with online learning resources. Look for our communication at the end of Spring Break for more details on this and all the specifics about your students’ participation in remote learning through May 1st.  Should our school closure be extended beyond May 1st, we will communicate that with you. 

Student learning will be graded and assessed in this second phase as follows: 

  • For our elementary students in grades TK-5, grading for the semester two report card will continue unchanged.  Teachers will proceed with regular grading through Phase Two of the Remote Learning Continuity Plan.   

  • We have been carefully studying guidance from universities regarding high school grading, and it is clear that students will not be penalized for missing traditional standardized tests or for receiving Pass/No Mark grades for Spring Semester 2020.  Some of the clearest explanations of these assurances have come from the University of California and California State University systems, as well as from Harvard and Stanford Universities.  

  • SRVUSD middle and high school students will shift to a Pass/No Mark grade reporting system for 4th quarter and second semester grades.  This decision was made after consultation with university admissions officials, guidance from the California Department of Education, and with careful input from teachers, principals, and District instructional and administrative staff.  We also know that we are aligned with other high performing school districts throughout the region, including the Palo Alto Unified School District and Acalanes Union High School District in implementing this system. Moving to Pass/No Mark reporting will benefit our middle and high school students without negative consequences for students with collegiate aspirations because the Pass and No Mark scores do not affect students’ grade point averages (GPAs).   Third quarter progress report grades are not part of a student record, however, they will be published later this month.  

We know that instruction, assessment and student learning across the country will look different during our period of remote learning.  We also understand that remote learning will not wholly replace in-class instruction. Nonetheless, we aim to provide quality and meaningful work while maintaining reasonable expectations for our students, teachers and parents during this extraordinary time.   

We thank all of our employees, parents, and the Board of Education for their patience and flexibility as we make this shift into remote learning.  Please look for our detailed communication regarding the next phase of our Remote Learning Continuity Plan at the end of Spring Break week.


 Christine Huajardo

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

March 29, 2020

Dear Comet Community,

The last communication I shared was on March 26th and despite the fact that I don’t have additional information regarding Phase Two of our school closures, I am happy to share progress from Phase One.  This past week our teachers were able to connect with their students using their Weekly Plans and Google Meets for Remote Learning. Teachers shared that many of their students are participating in lessons, activities, Google Meets and much more!  As a reminder, last week and next week still remain optional, however we encourage all Comets to log-on and to participate in the Google Meets as well as with the digital platforms to access lessons. Not only is this a great way to stay connected with your classmates and teacher, it will also prepare you for the routines and procedures for Remote Learning when Phase Two begins the week of April 13th.  More details will come about Phase Two from the district and from your teachers about the new teaching and new learning and how it will be expected and no longer optional. Next week, our teachers will continue to collaborate and participate in professional development to help learn how to launch our Phase Two of Remote Learning. Please stay tuned for more information and details regarding Phase Two and in the meantime, all teachers will post their Weekly Plans by 9:00am this Monday and we suggest and encourage parents to use our Remote Learning Website for resources and tutorials for how to access digital platforms and much more!  Our Spring Break is April 6-10 and during this time our teachers will be taking a very deserved break.

The teachers and staff love staying connected with our community and we have made a few videos to say hi!  These are accessible on our Remote Learning Website and they are also available on our school website when we post on Twitter.  Each week we will share an activity to stay connected with one another on Twitter.  For example, we posted, “How are you staying busy during the school closure?”  You can post a picture of you doing something at home and see what your friends are posting too.   

We miss you Comets and hope you are taking care of yourselves by staying home, washing your hands and being kind to each other!  Remember to follow the Comet Way, even at home!

Stay healthy,

Mrs. Tumilty


March 22, 2020

Dear Comet Community,

Well, one week into our new normal and I don’t know about you, but it seems here at the Tumilty household, as if there have been a few students referred to the office for behavior and a few times where I wish they had recess with their friends.  All kidding aside, all of the Creekside staff and I miss you all and understand the difficulty of this current school closure. There have been a lot of emails sent by the district and by our School Messenger to make sure everyone is receiving up-to-date information.  Please read the links to current information and then enjoy a video created by our staff to stay connected with our Comets:

  • District letter with information about Remote Learning Plan starting on Tuesday, March 24th.  Our teachers will reach out to students on Monday, March 23rd, please look for these emails with information about Remote Learning Plans.

  • Please visit this website with information about Creekside Remote Learning Plans in addition to the emails sent by your child’s teacher.  This will be linked to our school website for easy access. Here is a video of how to access the website.  

  • District website for all Coronavirus information and District Parent FAQs

  • Roll-call.  All teachers are asked to send out a Roll-call to make sure we connect with all students and their families, especially to make sure they have access to technology.

  • Teachers will be accessible via email during working hours on school days, 8:00am-3:00pm, March 24-April 3.  Please give them up to 48 hours to respond.  

As a working parent, I understand the challenges for parents to help their children to learn at home while they work.  The guidance from our district is to provide the Remote Learning Plans for voluntary learning at home. These plans are to review and reinforce skills already taught at school. If school remains closed after April 10th, communication will be sent out about new plans for Remote Learning.

Here is a video our teachers created to share with your families.  This is the first Creekside Comet Episode: Click HERE and enjoy! 

When given lemons, choose to make lemonade!


Mrs. Tumilty


March 8, 2020

Dear Comet Community,

Thank you Comet Families for the generous outpouring support at our Comet Ed Fund Auction and Gala this past Saturday!   A huge thank you to our organizers, Keri Evilsizor, Kim Lo Porto, Coleen Cooley and their crew for pulling off such an amazing event!  If you weren’t able to attend, it isn’t too late to contribute to our fund by participating in our OnLine Auction that starts on March 10 and runs until March 15th. 

I wanted to share with you the communication I have received from the district to keep our community aware of information concerning the current attention to the Coronavirus.  As concerns around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to escalate, we wanted to update you on our planning and preparation for keeping our schools safe as we work through this public health issue.  As you know, we have been in close contact with the County Department of Public Health and the Contra Costa County Office of Education and are following their guidelines and recommendations. However, as cases of the Coronavirus continue to increase, we are preparing our sites in a variety of ways.

 At this time, there are no plans to close our schools. Our schools remain the safest place for many students during the school day.  We recognize that each family will have to make the decision that is best for their circumstances, and some students will stay home either out of concern or because they are ill. The District has put the following measures in place to ensure learning continues at our sites: 

Student Attendance: 

  • Students returning from an affected area should self-quarantine for 14 days in accordance with CDC guidelines

  • Any student who is sick or symptomatic should stay at home in accordance with the SRVUSD Illness Guidelines

  • Students who are ill at school will immediately be sent home, where they should remain for the duration of their illness  

  • We are not offering an online/ distance learning program, and we are not offering Independent Study contracts for coronavirus related absences. 

  • Students and families should work with teachers to stay on top of assignments as they would for any other absence

Field Trips:

  • Decisions about field trips and schoolwide gatherings or events should be made on a case- by-case basis with your principal 

  • At this time, we are generally postponing student field trips where students will be in open public areas, such as BART or large cities  

  • Field trips that are permitted are voluntary, and students who do not wish to attend should be allowed to opt out without penalty 

  • Parents have been informed that field trip donations are generally not refundable

Here at Creekside, we will continue to support teachers by providing additional wipes, paper towels, soap and hand sanitizer.  In addition, our custodial team has and will continue to clean desk tops, door handles and other common use surfaces.  On days when the weather is warmer we might have the students eat their lunches outside to provide fresh air and limited access to larger groups.  At this time we are able to share this information, however, please note we might share additional information with you as this seems to be ever evolving.  


Alice Tumilty, Principal


March 1, 2020

Dear Comet Community,

The Creekside PTA Multicultural event-It’s a Small World, was a hit!  Wednesday evening events included opportunities for students to learn about cultures from around the world by watching performances, stamping their passports at booths, eating food and having fun!  Sarah Reed and her crew did a wonderful job organizing and preparing this wonderful community event! Thank you to all of the families who participated by creating booths with posters and artifacts about your countries of origin and preparing and bringing food for everyone to enjoy!  I look forward to many more community events where we are able to feel the inclusivity and diversity of our incredible school!

Reminder, if your child is interested in auditioning for the Creekside Talent Show, auditions are this Wednesday in the MPR. Read below for more information!

We look forward to the upcoming Boots and Bowtie Auction and Gala this coming Saturday, March 7th.  Keri Evilsizor, Kim Lo Porto, Coleen Cooley and their crew have worked tirelessly to get this event organized.  Be ready to raise your paddles to support the Comet Education Fund at Creekside.  If you aren’t attending this event, you will want to keep an eye out for the On-Line Auction starting on March 10th until March 15th.  

Our campus is humming with actively engaged students who are learning a variety of skills and strategies in math, reading, writing, science, social studies, physical education, music, art, and social and emotional lessons.  One important aspect of a rigorous and engaging classroom is differentiation. What is the definition of differentiation? Differentiation means tailoring instruction to meet individual needs. Whether teachers differentiate content, process, products, or the learning environment, the use of ongoing assessment and flexible grouping makes this a successful approach to instruction. You might wonder how teachers manage to differentiate their curriculum to meet the needs of all students.  Well, the best way to answer this question is that we constantly use formative assessments to design, plan and deliver instruction both in whole class settings as well as small groups and one-on-one.  Every year our staff examines how we address the needs of our students whether they require additional interventions, if they are meeting benchmarks or if they are exceeding benchmarks. Every teacher has their own unique style and their go to curriculum that best fits the needs of their students, however, every grade level also collaborates on a weekly basis to align curriculum to cover all CA Common Core State Standards using district adopted curriculum.  Please visit this site to learn more about Common Core State Standards and this is a link to the district website with additional information about curriculum.  


Alice Tumilty, Principal

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