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Storytime with Principal Tumilty

January Read aloud


The month of February Mrs. Tumilty read Have you Filled a Bucket Today?  A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids by Carol McCloud and David Messing.  This month the classes met together with their buddy classes.  Together the classes discussed the concept of a buddy and how it helps to have a buddy to look out for you.  Being part of a community where you feel embraced and acknowledged helps the well being of everyone.  We feel very strongly that our kindness and respect is expected from everyone.  This book emphasizes how we all have a way to spread kindness and how simple ways of being kind help to keep you happy and in return makes others happy too!  Part of our Words Matter week, students wrote a positive message on a raindrop that will "fill the bucket" in a mural for our B Building!  We hope to continue seeing Comets filling each others buckets!

Monthly Read Alouds at Creekside will focus on different themes and topics for our school to discuss together.


August-All Are Welcome

September-The Invisible Boy

October-The Juice Box Bully

November-Last Stop on Market Street

December-Digital Book shared in the classrooms

January-Emmanuel's Dream

February-Have You Filled a Bucket Today?  A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids