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Staff Directory

Contact Alice Tumilty  Alice Tumilty Principal
Main Office
Contact Kathy Ramsey  Kathy Ramsey (925) 314-2000 Office Assistant
Contact Ann Shade  Ann Shade (925) 314-2000 Office Manager

Teacher Websites

Note: Teacher website links can be found by clicking the specific grade level on the left-side panel.

Contact Linda Auby  Linda Auby 4th Grade
Contact Laleh Brown  Laleh Brown Kindergarten
Contact Ryan Burnett  Ryan Burnett Psychologist
Contact Nicole Diaz  Nicole Diaz 3rd Grade
Contact Shirin Dodson  Shirin Dodson 3rd Grade
Contact Lauren Fitzsimons  Lauren Fitzsimons 5th Grade
Contact Tiffany Goh  Tiffany Goh 5th Grade
Contact Craig Harter  Craig Harter 4th Grade
Contact Danielle Loya  Danielle Loya Science
Contact Laurie Matthews  Laurie Matthews 1st Grade
Contact Michelle McConnell  Michelle McConnell Physical Education
Contact Amy Miyamoto  Amy Miyamoto 1st Grade
Contact Linda Nehse  Linda Nehse Kindergarten
Contact Christina Regalia  Christina Regalia Transitional Kindergarten
Contact Catherine Rhoton  Catherine Rhoton Kindergarten
Contact Sarah Rieger  Sarah Rieger 5th Grade
Contact Kiera Rodriguez  Kiera Rodriguez 2nd Grade
Contact Joyce Rooks  Joyce Rooks 5th Grade
Contact Jennifer Sill  Jennifer Sill 2nd Grade
Contact Alicia Smith  Alicia Smith Vocal Music Teacher
Contact Amanda Spalasso  Amanda Spalasso 2nd Grade
Contact Nicole Spatcher  Nicole Spatcher 4th Grade
Contact Alyssa Steele  Alyssa Steele 4th Grade
Contact Matt Struempf  Matt Struempf PE Teacher
Contact Amanda Szyjka  Amanda Szyjka 1st Grade
Contact Kim Vieira  Kim Vieira 1st Grade
Contact Julie Weisbrod  Julie Weisbrod Grade 1-2 Teacher
Contact Jackie Wimmer  Jackie Wimmer 3rd Grade

Kristine Cahn                                                                                                                                                             3rd Grade

Linda Peters                                                                                                                                                               3rd Grade

Antonella Leone                                                                                                                                         Grade Tk-1 Teacher

Carrie Hanna                                                                                                                                               Grade 4-5 Teacher

Stephanie Lassalle                                                                                                                                       Resource Teacher

Support Staff
Contact Chris Arthur  Chris Arthur Paraeducator
Contact Lindsay Ballowe  Lindsay Ballowe Paraeducator
Contact Ron Buckley  Ron Buckley Custodian
Contact Karen Colon  Karen Colon Paraeducator
Contact Laurie Costello  Laurie Costello Paraeducator
Contact Arnold DeGuzman  Arnold DeGuzman Technology Instructional Assistant
Contact Juvy Gage  Juvy Gage Paraeducator
Contact Peachy Garcia  Peachy Garcia Nurse
Contact Brooke Gavino  Brooke Gavino Paraeducator
Contact Sarah Goldblum  Sarah Goldblum Paraeducator
Contact Cheryel Graham  Cheryel Graham Crossing Guard
Contact Simrat Judge  Simrat Judge Paraeducator
Contact Megan McSheffrey  Megan McSheffrey Paraeducator
Contact Annemarie Miller  Annemarie Miller Rainbow Room
Contact Lisa Mitchell  Lisa Mitchell Paraeducator
Contact Ellen Nave  Ellen Nave Paraeducator
Contact Kenny Nguyen  Kenny Nguyen Lead Custodian
Contact Gabriel Perez  Gabriel Perez Custodian
Contact Laila Rahmatti  Laila Rahmatti Paraeducator
Contact Nancy Sheets  Nancy Sheets Nurse
Contact Jazmin Sidwell  Jazmin Sidwell Paraeducator
Contact Bhu Singh  Bhu Singh Art Instructional Assistant
Contact Tara Subramanian  Tara Subramanian Paraeducator
Contact Alieh Vaziri  Alieh Vaziri Paraeducator
Contact Larissa Worth  Larissa Worth Library Media Coordinator