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Learning Environment Makeup

Creekside Learning Environment Policy

All classrooms at our school are fantastic places for students to work together and learn with the support of excellent teachers. You may not know that a lot of work and consideration goes into the process of building well-balanced classrooms at our school. The school team considers the following to make balanced classrooms:

  • academic achievement
  • group dynamics
  • parent input*
  • class size
  • age
  • parent volunteers
  • social and emotional factors
  • and gender

Our goal is to build classes that ensure the best learning environment possible for all students. To achieve this goal, class placements are made by considering both group and individual needs. For this reason, *parent requests for specific teachers are NOT solicited nor used as criteria for class placement. Please also note that the school cannot take recommendations from parents to place specific students together in classes or separate certain students. Both of those decisions are made by school staff only.

By completing the input form (embedded/linked below), I understand that completion does not guarantee a specific classroom placement. I understand that this information will be used to help the school make decisions regarding the best learning environment for my child. 

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