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Nada GhannoumLab Instructional Assistant                         


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Grade Level Technology Skills

Technology Skills Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade
Cares for and safely operates equipment
Understands basic computer operating features (Log in, on/off, keyboard functions, monitor, mouse)
Introduced to the Internet and navigating a website (
Uses teacher directed resources (using teacher and grade level student links)
Word processing applications (keyboarding & formatting using Pages & Google Docs Programs)
Photo capturing and video creation (Photo Booth Program & digital cameras)
Presentation applications (Keynote & Google Docs programs)   basic
Spreadsheets, databases and graphs (Numbers & Google Docs Programs)    
Safe & age appropriate digital communication (Skype, email, teacher blogs, etc.)    
Importing images    
Respect privacy and work of others    
Citing sources     basic
Internet safety (including cyberbullying in 4th & netiquette in 5th)     basic
Evaluate internet sources (4th & 5th also learn to validate web site authentication)     basic

Internet searches (student learn to set filters)

Select appropriate technology for an assignment (expressing original ideas)      
Collaborative projects using online tools (Google Docs)        
Plan and manage activities to complete a project           
Typing (Type to Learn 4)     home row introduced home row 10 wpm 15-20 wpm