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The Creekside Comet Education Fund is a volunteer, non-profit organization that raises funds to provide additional academic, social-emotional, art, and music resources to every Creekside student, with the goal of maximizing their individual educational experience


Your donations FULLY fund the following programs 

Paraeducators    Librarian    Art Instructors    Vocal Music    

Art with Miss Tess     Technology updating   Classroom Supplies

Reading Intervention


Dear Creekside Comet Families,

Welcome back to a new school year at Creekside!! I am so excited to be leading the Comet Fund this year and our Board has already been working hard to ensure the success of our students, teachers and faculty. We have some great events for you to attend this year, including the Comet Chase and our Live Gala and Auction. We look forward to continue making our school as successful as it’s been for years. 

THANK YOU to all of our Comet Families who have donated to the Comet Fund so far during the online registration.  Without everyone’s support, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. Remember, you can still donate if you’ve already registered and there is a payment plan offered. 

The Comet Fund budget for 2019-2020 is $405,100. In order to maintain our existing staffing and program levels at Creekside, we need your help in raising these funds.  

Here are just a few programs we support:

Paraeducators –One reason we’re able to recruit and maintain great teachers is because of the additional staff support they receive from the Comet Fund through our wonderful Paraeducators.  Each and every student benefits with additional help in the classrooms.

Classroom Supplies This year your Comet Fund has allocated funds to each and every classroom for supplies so that each teacher would be able to fully fund classroom needs.  

Technology Not only does the technology need to updated and maintained, the Comet Fund has agreed to purchase another 30 computers for our C.O.W. (computers on wheels), in order to better serve our students. 

Library and Literacy Enrichment The Comet Fund is committed to allow our students with a full time Librarian and a library that is open every day our kids are at school. 

Vocal Music –The Comet Fund fully funds our Vocal Music program, the state does not give funds at the elementary school level for this. 

Reading and Math Specialists –The Comet Fund supports our reading and math specialists, who ensure the success of each of our students.

Social Emotional Learning CoordinatorYour Comet Fund is happy to support another impactful year with The Rainbow Room.  

We have the privilege of working with the most talented teachers and staff, as well as a tremendous volunteer force, loaded with passion and talent.  We’ve been putting that passion and talent to work in order to raise enough money to support these programs and our existing staffing, because we know that with this funding every Creekside Comet benefits!  We need your help to continue to make Creekside Elementary the best school it can be.  

Please make sure you visit our website often. Here you will find pertinent information regarding upcoming Comet Fund events, opportunities, news, an online donation link, and much more.  Let’s repeat last year’s participation and success!

Thank you,
Kim Lo Porto, OLY
President, Creekside Comet Fund

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Budget allocated for 2019-2020 is $405,100. Help us get there!!! 

Donate to Comet fund during Registration or throughout the school year (One-time Donation of $600 per Student or in Installments)

Because Change Happens!

  • NOW INCLUDES the Teacher Supply Stipend - There is no longer a separate $125 donation.
  • Lower Enrollment/Overall Per Student Budget Increases

Creekside’s overall enrollment has decreased and district costs beyond our control have increased (including payroll and contract costs negotiated at the District level.  The Comet Fund has experienced an overall per-student budget increase.

Just Do it!...You know you want to!

  • It’s Tax deductible
  • Your Company may match your donation
  • Can’t make the full donation now?  No worries you can make it in installments or payroll deductions
  • You are improving your Kiddos School experience
  • Be a part of the Creekside Comet Community
  • Set an example and be the change!

Where Money Goes

comet imageEvery Little Bit Helps!

The suggested donation per student is $600

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Can’t make the full donation now?  No worries you can make it in installments or payroll deductions


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Creekside Comet Education Fund is an affiliate of the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation.  For more information, visit

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