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ed 1 stop

Easy CBM

Rosetta Stone


Google Drive

Google Drive

Safe Internet Searches

Yahoo Kids

Bing Kids

Solar System

Biography Reports

Inventors Resource

Click HERE for Zoom Inventors

Click HERE for MIT Inventors

Element Links:

3rd Grade

*Suggested supplies to be prepared for Remote Learning (if you don't have them all, you will still be successful in remote learning):

12 pre-sharpened pencils


1 ruler

Colored pencils (pack of 12 or more assorted colors)

2 Black Sharpies - Twin tip (fine & ultra-fine)

1 pair of scissors

3 pads of 3x3 post it notes

Glue sticks

Pencil sharpener

*Families who need help getting these supplies, please contact our school office.


Dreambox Math

Dreambox Learning iPad App
iPad School Code: v9b7/8q2t

MathFactsSkill Builders

Multiplication Practice



Dance Mat Typing


Reading & Grammar

Raz-Kids  Word Invasion  Grammar Ninja word find    Road to Grammar


General Resources

Net Smartz USA Map

NG Kids   Habitat

science kids  ducksters

**Animal fact resource for 3rd-grade animal reports.