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Anti-Bullying & Social Development

Anti-Bullying Education

Creekside uses a number of tools to address anti-bullying education to ensure that students are safe and growing both socially and emotionally. These include Second Step's Steps to Respect, Rainbow Program, SCIP Counseling, and Soul Shoppe

Soul Shoppe

The Soul Shoppe Elementary Peace Program is a year-round program for elementary schools that support our school in being safe, fun, and bully-free. This program is highly effective and developmentally appropriate! This assembly/workshop program is being utilized at Creekside to provide ongoing instruction for all K-5 students thus providing consistent school-wide common language and understanding about how to develop good friendships, solve problems, and prevent bullying. Learn the steps we teach our students to address bullying. Learn the definition of school bullying as identified by the US Department of Justice. 

Creekside also uses the Peacemakers Program. Thirty students Peacemakers are trained each year (including this year) to help students learn how to solve their own problems on the playground as they arise. Play the video below to learn more about Peacemakers. Peacemakers wear special vests on the playground so that students can easily seek them out to help them solve small conflicts. 

Workshops and Assemblies 

We cycle through the following assemblies and workshops over a period of four years. Parents are invited to attend all workshops and assemblies to learn more about what students at Creekside are learning. All specific dates/times are published on the school calendar. Dates/times may change. 

  • Be an Ally - Students learn how to "Be an Ally" to stand together as a family and a bully-free school! They learn what to say and what to do in order to be an ally at school.
  • Responsibility - Students learn what it means to be responsible and how to self-monitor their interactions with others - what it looks like to be responsible at school and at home. 
  • Citizenship - Students learn what it means to be a good citizen, how to be a good citizen at school, and how to be a good citizen in the world.
  • Tools of the Heart Assembly - Students practice using the "I" message and cleaning up problems when they happen. Students learn how to problem solve problems using the "I" message and how to solve problems independently.
  • Do Your Best Workshop - Students learn how to face big challenges like taking a difficult test or a difficult task. 
  • Wise Choices Workshop - Students review all of the tools they have learned over the year to keep the school safe and bully-free. They reflect on the importance of making wise choices when no one else is around. 
  • Free to Be - Students learn four powerful “anti-bullying” techniques we all can use, the three types of bullying, the several ways to stop yourself from bullying and explore why we really don’t need to bully.
  • Diverse Ability - Students explore what it is like to "feel different" and work on empathy.
  • Respect - Students will learn what respect is, how respect can be shown at school, what people can get when they show respect, how to “empty” difficult feelings out of their “balloons,” how to make wise choices in regards to respect, what it looks like to respect themselves and others, and how to make a commitment to being respectful.
  • Caring - Students will learn what it means to be caring, ways they can show they care at home and school, how to be kind and helpful, how to look out for others, how to identify things they really care about, how to show care for your whole community, and how to turn a “negative chain reaction” into a “positive chain reaction.”
  • Cooperation - Students learn that “we are stronger together”- since everyone is important, and everyone has their own ideas of how to do things, we need to learn how to work together.