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Student Leadership

2021-2022 Student Leadership Election Information

The election for Student Leadership is coming up on October 5.  We need your help in determining who the final candidates will be during that election. 


As in the past, students in grade 5 will be able to run for the following positions:



Vice President




Students in grade 4 may run for any of the positions other than President. 


Teachers will hold a run-off election in their classrooms to choose the top two candidates from each position.  Here are the important dates:



Information is sent home to the parents and teachers can answer questions in class


Applications are due from all students interested in running for a position

Week of 9/13/2021

Classrooms hold a run-off election and choose the top two candidates for each position


Teachers enter top two candidates names:  Instructions for final candidates to follow


Candidate videos (Pres/VP) or Slides (Secretary/Treasurer) due for final candidates


School-wide Election on a Google Form after watching the videos and reviewing slides


Please be sure to share the Duties of Student Leadership doc with your class so students understand their Leadership obligations.


Let me know if you have any questions!