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Parent / Student Handbook & School Safety

Dismissal Procedures

Please work with your child to make sure they follow the school procedures at dismissal and know what they are supposed to do at the end of each school day. We reinforce these procedures at school:
- Students being picked up by families walking (or families that have parked): Meet at the fire gate (see dismissal map below)
- Car Pickup/Carpool: Students wait by the flagpole and are picked up through the car lane (see dismissal map below)
- Students being asked by parents to walk home: Immediately walk home at the end of the school day as it is safer to walk in groups
- After-school enrichment: Students proceed immediately to after-school enrichment at end of school day
- Kids’ Country: Walk to the back of the Kids' Country building using the back entrance to the B building to meet Kids' Country staff


Note: There are staff located at the meeting spots listed above. If you inform your child to go to a different area of the school where there is not supervision, the school won't know if they aren't picked up at the end of the day. Please use the meeting spots identified by the school. Please review the dismissal map/more information by clicking here. 


Please click here for a narrative description of dismissal/arrival procedures (from student handbook) (PDF)

Street Parking Guidlines

Please remember...

  • Always drive slowly and carefully
  • DO NOT PARK on the north side of Charbray
  • DO NOT PARK in school driveway/drive through drop off lane
  • PARK on Lusitano St. east of Charbray then walk to Creekside
  • PARK in Creekside parking lot (do not park in reserved spaces)
  • DO NOT PARK in any red curbed area or fire lane
  • DO NOT PARK anywhere where signs mark NO PARKING

View street parking map below.. Areas marked in green are okay to park. Areas marked in red are no parking. Areas not marked are unknown. Always read signage before parking and drive carefully! 


Green = PARK (but always check street signage first)

Not marked = unknown

Always follow posted signage. Creekside is not responsible for vehicles ticketed.